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Check out this recording of The machine doesn't want to take my money with TIna Reynaert.

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(don't forget to unmute the video!)

Here is my newest release: In Media Res performed by Chromatic Noise Collection.

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19.01 and 20.01 -
Radio weekend!


What an amazing coincidence: I was approached by two different radio makers about making a broadcast about my artistic practice, and both shows will happen very soon.


Last year, Dr. Egbert Hiller interviewed me about my work. This conversation will be aired on Saturday, 20.01.2024, 22:00 to 23:00 on Deutschlandfunk. The talk is also illustrated by recordings of my work, so it is a great opportunity for curious people who want to get an overview of the broad spectrum of my artistic practice, amongst others. This is such a great opportunity, and I am very grateful that they decided to dedicate a whole episode to me and my music. This is just amazing, wow!

And then recently, Heiner Metzger invited me on his show Klingding on FSK. This will happen on Friday, 19.01.2024. We will be live from 22:00-00:00, talking about music and maybe even playing some together. Also here, wow, I am humbled to be given this space to share my passion.

So to wrap it up:
Tune in

19.01.2024, 22:00-00:00, on FSK
on Deutschlandfunk


Bunte Luft Trio performed at Hiền Hoang's multimedia installation "Scent from Heaven"

WhatsApp Image 2023-10-22 at 16.07.21.jpeg

An electronic synth, a jazzy baritone saxophone and a
traditional vietnamese dan bau. The instruments are rooted in three entirely different genres, however, come together on stage with the Bunte Luft Trio.
Jan Wegmann, Jana De Troyer and Tam Thi Pham met each other in 2020 at the HfMT Hamburg. Now they embark together on improvisational sound adventures. Let yourself be surprised by the sometimes enchanting, sometimes strange or even funny sound world of this unique combination of instruments. For sound explorers.

Jan Wegmann (synthesizer)
Jana De Troyer (baritone saxophone)
Tam Thi Pham (Dan-Bau)


The Practice Session (Halffloor #108)

I got the honor to make a contribution to the halffloor archipelago, where they host "60 sonic artworks by artists from everywhere". I made a miniature called "The Practice Session". You can check out this work and all the other ones on their soundcloud channel, and do some cool soundart DJ'ing on their website! I warmly recommend it!

How happy I am to be part of this project! Eveline Vervliet founded a platform about web-based sound art, called

Among other things, there is a blog with contributions from different people and on various related topics. I am conducting interviews with artists who have worked with this medium. You can find the first two here:

Interview #1: Whole milk, mad maps and digital bees: Nikola Lutz on nota and web-based sound art

Interview #2: The memory palace of Sander Saarmets

Interview #3: Vanilla with a scoop of humour: An unpatented journey through Sebastian Adams’ kaleidoscopic practice.


Screenshot 2023-11-14 at 12.36.22.png

Screenshot from the website

Sieben Fantasien für Lesende

On Sunday 25.06 was the release of my new work, Sieben Fantasien für Lesende / Seven fantasies for readers, a small booklet full of graphical scores intended to be for everyone.
The work is published in the framework of the 2022 residency I did at Künstlerhaus Lauenburg and can be ordered on their webpage. This way you can also support the Künstlerhaus and the great things they do!

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IMG_3907 2.jpeg

Photo: T. Kaiser

During this year's edition of Blurred Edges, I had the joy of playing on two evenings. 

We had our premiere with Chromatic Noise Collection  on June 6th. ChroNoCo is a multimedial quartet with Elena Khurgina (harpsi-chord), Dimitra Maria Pavlou (violin), myself (saxophones) and VíctorPiano (electronics, lights)

20230606_ChroNoCo_11 (Photo Judith Haman).jpeg

Photo: J. Haman


Photo: Bayaru Takshina

We premiered two pieces: "duP" by VíctorPiano for baritone saxophone, violin and lights;
and "In Medias Res" by myself for violin, harpsichord, baritone saxophone and electronics.

Screenshot 2023-06-07 at 11.15.34.png

Still: Jan Wegmann

Both pieces were also featured during the Klingding radio show about Blurred Edges 2023.

Also Breadbelly + JjaANnaA were in town with Settings, which I premiered with Adam Eriksson in Stockholm in April 2023 and was now part of H7 Club.


Photo: J. Haman

A big thank you to the VAMH for organising this festival format. You do really great work!

A Year of Deep Listening

The Center of Deep Listening has published 365 pieces in memoriam of the iconic composer Pauline Oliveros. My entry got featured on day 333 on April 27th. Try it out!

They are also going to publish a book with the entries in 2024. You can already pre-order and support this project here

Screenshot 2023-05-17 at 18.49.48.png

05.05.2023 Premiere "Flämischer Akkordeonstau" by Lux Nova Duo


Flämischer Akkordeonstau is a musical reflection on a curious mobility phenomenon called “phantom traffic jams” (in Flemish “accordeonfile” = accordion traffic jam), an occurrence that happens when a traffic jam starts by one car slowing down a tiny bit and the chain reaction that follows - leading to a congestion without a real cause.

I am looking very much forward to the premiere, which is happening on Friday, May 5th, 19h, at the Instituto Cervantes in Hamburg during Hamburg Dialogues IV.

I went to Sweden!


From 03.04.2023-23.04.2023 I was in Stockholm and Göteborg for a residency at EMS. I worked with their legendary Buchla and Serge synthesizers, mixed some old and new work, and dived into the local scene.

I also played the premiere from Settings, our collab with Adam Eriksson on April 16th.
Hamburg premiere on
13.06 during Blurred Edges

Thank you EU and Goethe Institute for the funding to support me to do this work!


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