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Check out this recording of The Machine Doesn't Want To Take My Money with Tina Reynaert

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(don't forget to unmute the video!)

Here is a short video on the media art residency I did at subnetAIR (Salzburg)

Picture of a saxophone with contact mic and laptop

Photo: M. Gruber

A Year of Deep Listening

The Center of Deep Listening has selected 365 pieces in memoriam of Pauline Oliveros. My entry got featured on day #333 on April 27th. Try it out!

Screenshot 2023-05-17 at 18.49.48.png

05.05.2023 Premiere "Flämischer Akkordeonstau" by Lux Nova Duo


Flämischer Akkordeonstau is a musical reflection on a curious mobility phenomenon called “phantom traffic jams” (in Flemish “accordeonfile” = accordion traffic jam), an occurrence that happens when a traffic jam starts by one car slowing down a tiny bit and the chain reaction that follows - leading to a congestion without a real cause.

I am looking very much forward to the premiere, which is happening on Friday, May 5th, 19h, at the Instituto Cervantes in Hamburg during Hamburg Dialogues IV.

I went to Sweden!


From 03.04.2023-23.04.2023 I was in Stockholm and Göteborg for a residency at EMS. I worked with their legendary Buchla and Serge synthesizers, mixed some old and new work, and dived into the local scene.

I also played the premiere from Settings, our collab with Adam Eriksson on April 16th.
Hamburg premiere on

Thank you EU and Goethe Institute for the funding to support me to do this work!

IMG_2869 copy.JPG

The machine doesn't want to take my money

is featured in Positionen #134 !!! (German magazine on contemporary music)

Picture of the cover of Positionen #134

Inneres Insektenballett @IDKF Stuttgart and @Stuttgarter Filmwinter Festival for Expanded Media

The piece is part of the Algorithmic Random Selected AV Exhibition at the Internationales Digitalkunst Festival in Stuttgart.


More updates and music

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