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Check out this recording of The machine doesn't want to take my money with Tina Reynaert.

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(don't forget to unmute the video!)

Here is my newest release: In Media Res performed by Chromatic Noise Collection.

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Hello! Welcome to my website!
There is a lot happening in the coming months. You can see an overview of the public events on the website section

Of course you can first keep reading here!
If you want to get in touch, you can find my information on the contact page.

01.06.2024 Album release Bunte Luft Trio - Apiaceae

We published our first album on bandcamp!

You can listen to/purchase it here. Follow us to stay updated and be notified about future releases!

Jana De Troyer - Saxophones
Tam Thi Pham -
Đàn bầu
Jan Wegmann - Modular Synth

Apiaceae Cover.jpg

Apiaceae is a family of flowering plants, characterised by their branched umbels, clusters of flowers arranged like little umbrellas. Just as this plant family, our improvised music consists of intersections, where spontaneous decisions shape a new path every time. Each choice makes the music to spread out more and more in its unique way, creating a new sonic world for every species.

Blurred Edges 2024
05.06.2024, Bunte Luft Trio @Migrantpolitan
14.06.2024, Performance "Flämischer Akkordeonstau" by Lux Nova Duo

Bunte Luft Trio is an improvising group that focuses on the sonic intersections of đàn bầu, baritone saxophone and modular synthesizer. All three instruments are rooted in completely different genres, a feature that the musicians use as a springboard to create their characteristic sound. Wh​​ile bringing their own artistic backgrounds into the mix, Tam Thi Pham (VN), Jana De Troyer (BE) and Jan Wegmann (DE) move through various atmospheres, taking the listeners across interplanetary deserts and microscopic forests. Bunte Luft Trio is based in Hamburg. They are currently producing their first album, which will be released on Bandcamp on 01.06.2024.


Photo: G. Lazarevic

I am looking very much forward to the next performance of Flämischer Akkordeonstau, which is happening on June 14th, 20h, at GEDOK in Hamburg during Blurred Edges 2024.
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Flämischer Akkordeonstau is a musical reflection on a curious mobility phenomenon called “phantom traffic jams” (in Flemish “accordeonfile” = accordion traffic jam), an occurrence that happens when a traffic jam starts by one car slowing down a tiny bit and the chain reaction that follows - leading to a congestion without a real cause.

WhatsApp Image 2024-05-16 at 12.49.07.jpeg

People Pleaser

From 20.03.24 until 20.04.24,
I was "people pleasing". 
People Pleaser is the result of a virtual dialogue between my online following and myself. By asking targeted questions and opinions, discussing next steps and directions, I am building this piece with whomever wants to join this experiment! The main question being: What would you rather want to hear?


Check out the documentation of the process and a recording of the first performance here!

Wo sich Bangkok und Hamburg treffen
Bunte Luft Trio + Mahakit Mahaniranon in Westwerk Hamburg


Photo: Woosuk Shin

On 18.05.2024 we met Thai composer and improvisor Mahakit Mahaniranon and shared the Westwerk stage with him. It was a wonderful evening and I learned a lot from our musical and cultural exchange!

The project was supported by the Behörde für Kultur und Medien der Hansestadt Hamburg. Thank you, dear Behörde!

The Practice Session (Halffloor #108) made it on the shortlist of the Kurzhörspielwettbewerbs at Leipziger Hörspielsommer 2024!

I got the honor to make a contribution to the halffloor archipelago, where they host "60 second sonic artworks by artists from everywhere". I made a miniature called "The Practice Session". You can check out this work and all the other ones on their soundcloud channel, and do some cool soundart DJ'ing on their website! I warmly recommend it!

Recently, the work made the shortlist of the short radio play competition at the
Leipziger Hörspielsommer 2024. It will be shown there between 10.-13.07.2024. If you happen to pass by, please vote for me ;-)

Screenshot 2023-05-17 at 18.49.48.png

A year of deep listening

A Year of Deep Listening is a publication of 365 scores for listening gathered by the Center of Deep Listening in celebration of the legacy of composer Pauline Oliveros.

My work
WHEN A TRAIN IS TOO LATE (AGAIN?) also made the selection!

A Year of Deep Listening started as an online project, and now there is a publication with all the pieces that will be available from August 27th, 2024.

More information here


How happy I am that I got to be part of this project! Eveline Vervliet founded a platform about web-based sound art, called

Among other things, there is a blog with contributions from different people and on various related topics. I am conducting interviews with artists who have worked with this medium. You can my five articles here:

Interview #1: Whole milk, mad maps and digital bees: Nikola Lutz on nota and web-based sound art

Interview #2: The memory palace of Sander Saarmets

Interview #3: Vanilla with a scoop of humour: An unpatented journey through Sebastian Adams’ kaleidoscopic practice.

Interview #4: Information, communication and manipulation (Tansy Xiao)

Interview #5: Open Call winner Bilawa Ade Respati takes us behind the curtain of Indonesian history.

Screenshot 2023-11-14 at 12.36.22.png

Screenshot from the website

19.01, 20.01 and 08.03 -
Radio year!


2024 has started with three great chances to share my work to a broad radio audience.

Firstly, I was approached by two different German radio makers about making a broadcast about my artistic practice.


On 19.01.2024 I was live on FSK in conversation with Hamburg-based Heiner Metzger.
On 20.01.2024 Deutschlandfunk aired a portrait about my artistic practice on their show "Atelier Neue Musik".

I also got to make the starting jingle for the international women's day on the Estonian national radio show Fantaasia. After the jingle you can also hear my piece The North, which is based on a painting by my good friend and Hamburg artist abstractraf.

You can relisten here:
Fantaasia (08.03.2024) on  Klassikaraadio

Klingding (19.01.2024) on FSK

You can contact me for the broadcast Atelier Neue Musik (20.01.2024) on DLF - which isn't available online.

Sieben Fantasien für Lesende

On Sunday 25.06.23 was the release of my new work, Sieben Fantasien für Lesende / Seven fantasies for readers, a small booklet full of graphical scores intended to be for everyone.
The work is published in the framework of the 2022 residency I did at Künstlerhaus Lauenburg and can be ordered on their webpage. This way you can also support the Künstlerhaus and the great things they do!

More info


IMG_3907 2.jpeg

Photo: T. Kaiser

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