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Pieces with performers

People Pleaser (2024)

for saxophone, video and electronics

In Medias Res (2023)

for harpsichord, violin, saxophone and live electronics


Akkordeonstau (2023)

for accordion, guitar and live electronics

Settings (2023)

for saxophones, gitanjo, objects and electronics;

in collaboration with Adam Eriksson

The machine doesn't want to take my money (2022)

for grand piano and financial resources

Noble Legends (2022)

graphic score for four performers

The second time

will be different (2021)

for tenor saxophone and metronome

Putzzwang (2021)

for window cleaner and live electronics

FMO_INTER (2020)

for quadraphonic speaker set-up, audience phones and YouTube Live Stream

FMO_1 (2020)

for four players and TikTok content

Fashionista's (2019)

for prepared electrical guitar quartet using knitting materials

Intimate Space Study 1a (2019)

for performer and quadrophonic tape

DU-O (2019)

for two kissers, two instrumentalists and one spotlight

Video works

Inneres Insektenballett (2022)

video installation for 6 speakers, 3 screens and 11 robotic insects

SHADOWS ARE ONLY TWO-DIMENSIONAL (2021) audiovisual composition inspired by acoustic shadows

Celebraler Kurzschluss (2021)

'minimalistic' audiovisual composition

Web-based works

Data, please! (2021)

interactive, browser-based installation

in collaboration with Steffen Reichelt


interactive browser-based composition

about social media profiling and FoMO


||: Focus | Distraction :|| (2022)

interactive installation for a distracted visitor, an eye motion tracker and tourist pictures

Inneres Insektenballett (2022)

video installation for 6 speakers, 3 screens and 11 robotic insects

Ü-Musik (2022)

a sonic ode to the U-Bahn multiverse

Überfluss (2022)

quadraphonic speaker installation

Aus Stille wird Klang (2021)

window installation

in collaboration with Rachel C. Walker and Kelsey Cotton


Sieben Fantasien

für Lesende (2023)

graphic scores for readers

Der Schwarzwald

wartet (2022)

audio play in collaboration with Felix Mayer

Ongoing and upcoming

People Pleaser community piece for saxophone, video and electronics


Der Affe in deinem Kopf for baritone saxophone and electronics


Das Musikschulor[KI]ster interactive installation

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