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Bunte Luft Trio

Jan Wegmann - Synthesizer
Jana De Troyer - Saxophones
Tam Thi Pham - Đàn bầu

Album coming soon ...


Bunte Luft Trio is an improvising group that focuses on the sonic intersections of đàn bầu, baritone saxophone and modular synthesizer. All three instruments are rooted in completely different genres, a feature that the musicians use as a springboard to create their characteristic sound. Wh​​ile bringing their own artistic backgrounds into the mix, Tam Thi Pham (VN), Jana De Troyer (BE) and Jan Wegmann (DE) move through various atmospheres, taking the listeners across interplanetary deserts and microscopic forests. Bunte Luft Trio is based in Hamburg. They are currently producing their first album, which will be released on Bandcamp soon.

Photo: Goran Lazarevic

Chromatic Noise Collection

Elena Khurgina - Harpsichord
Jana De Troyer - Saxophones
VíctorPiano - Lights and Electronics

Check out our recording of In Medias Res

Still: Jan Wegmann

Chromatic Noise Collection is a Hamburg-based ensemble for contemporary and multimedia performance that combines image and light with harpsichord, saxophone and live electronics. The ensemble strives to expand the repertoire of this unique blend of instruments and their sub-combinations.

Our aim is to contribute to the development of multimedia art by incorporating new technologies, light and video as elements in the musical discourse and not as an extension of it. We want to present the music of a generation of younger multimedia composers and through experimentation and intensive exchange, deepen the professionalisation and development of multimedia music work in northern Germany.

There is no air in Space

Kelsey Cotton - Voice, Electronics
Jana De Troyer - Saxophones, Electronics

TINAIS (There is no air in Space) is a contemporary duo exploring the boundaries of the saxophone and voice — two instruments dependent on the power of the human breath. Co-founded by Jana De Troyer and Kelsey Cotton, TINAIS ventures into new sound worlds and spaces, specialising in the creation, performance and curation of the weird, the wild and the wonderful.

2020.08.01 - Fragile Confinement.jpg

De Troyer and Cotton have performed in styles ranging from 80s synth-pop to free improvisation, and everything in between. Together they have brought their musical experience and diversity to stages throughout Europe, in acoustic and electronic configurations.
TINAIS is committed to being at the nucleus of new music, turning musical convention on its head through varying musical and performative forms; and commissioning, programming and performing music from minority and underrepresented compositional voices.

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