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In Medias Res (2023)

for harpsichord, saxophone, violin, and live electronics - 8 minutes
written for Chromatic Noise Collection

Photo: Bayaru Takshina

In Medias Res is an analogue data experiment. I wrote the piece after spending some time in the hospital for a complication from a fairly common illness. I noticed that the process could make an interesting musical form, so I used it as the starting point for this composition. I tracked the different aspects of the disease and the medical care (pain levels, pills, doses, doctor visits, etc.), which I then translated into sounds and instructions for the four players. This way, I created a graphic score for harpsichord, saxophone, violin, and live electronics. Unusual is the position of the climax, which happens in the first half of the piece—which might be quite common in the course of diseases but less so in musical compositions.

Important to note is that the players are not expected to know which exact data they play. The piece is an abstraction of real-life events, not a representation of them. The music strives to capture the gist of the moment and functions as a sonic souvenir of this period.


In Medias Res was premiered during Blurred Edges 2023 by Chromatic Noise Collection: Elena Khurgina (harpsichord), Dimitra Maria Pavlou (violin), Jana De Troyer (saxophone) and VíctorPiano (electronics). It was also performed at the Feminale 2024 in April 2024 by Mariana Pereira Gomes (violin), Elena Khurgina (harpsichord), Jana De Troyer (saxophone) and Wytze Minne de Swart (electronics).

JDT_InMediasRes(20230723)_Excerpt copy.jpg

Excerpt from score

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