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Der Schwarzwald wartet (2022)

audio play - 6 minutes
In collaboration with Felix Mayer
Produced for CultureCodes,
a project from Bürgerhaus Barmbek

With: Viktoria Gur'Eva (voice)

Treat yourself to some time out and discover one of the most beautiful holiday regions in Germany! Jana De Troyer and Felix Mayer invite you on an acoustic short trip to the Black Forest.

From field recordings, recordings of historical music playback devices, and improvisations on saxophone and trombone, the duo created a short journey for the ears and meditated on the future of individual transport and local recreation in times of pandemic and climate crisis.

Der Schwarzwald wartet ("The Black Forest awaits") is a short audio play that was produced in February 2022 for CultureCodes. The idea of CultureCodes was to provide the residents of Barmbek-Nord (a part of Hamburg) with small cultural interludes reflecting on the future of culture. All around the neighbourhood, QR codes were distributed. If you would scan one of those, you would be able to listen to or watch an artwork created by local artists. We composed an audio play that takes the listener on a short acoustic holiday in the Black Forest. Due to the corona regulations at the time, travelling was not easy. We wanted to offer the audience a little time away from their daily lives, even if only for a couple of minutes.

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