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Sieben Fantasien für Lesende (2023)

seven fantasies for readers - graphic scores

Fantasie no. 5: The scissors


the cover

Dear readers!

This collection is written for you. Say what, for me!? — Yes, for you there!

It is often said that composers can hear the music beforehand. I think we can all do that to some extent. I invite you to let the musical miniatures on the next pages sound in your head. They have been thought of and composed as silent/non-sounding reading pieces.

You read it well: reading pieces. Nothing aloud, everything only in your head. Very practical, because you can perform the compositions anywhere: on the train, on the toilet, on the sofa. The most important things are your imagination and open-mindedness. There are no wrong interpretations, only silent ones.

Have fun “reading”!

This is the introductory text for the booklet Sieben Fantasien für Lesende (“Seven fantasies for readers”). It is a collection of graphic works exploring different ways to communicate sound notation to an audience that might have never been in contact with something like it. My goal was to create an accessible work of art that invites the reader to actively explore various concepts of sound notation. They are expected to use their own imagination in order to ‘hear’ the music. The collection is a crossbreed between graphical scores and riddles, between play and seriousness.

I wrote Sieben Fantasien in 2023 in the framework of the artist residency at Künstlerhaus Lauenburg. Thank you very much to the Künstlerhaus for giving me this opportunity and to Marita Landgraf and Bianca Wessalowski for proofreading, layout, and much more.

The publication can be ordered on the Künstlerhaus webpage (this way, you can also support the Künstlerhaus and the great things they do!). Or you can shoot me an email

Sieben Fantasien für Lesende - Die Mücke / The Mosquito

Fantasie no. 2: Die Mücke (The mosquito)

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