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FMO_1 (2020)

for four players and TikTok content - 7 minutes
Fire extinguisher and musical signs as part of the score

FMO_1 is part of a series of works exploring the usage of social media phenomena as a base for musical creation (see also FMO_INTER and MIRЯOR VIEW). For this work, I wanted to experiment with utilising social media content to create a composition. I dug into the popular social network platform TikTok and viewed the users’ reactions to the Australian bushfires happening at the start of 2020. It was curious to see the wide variety of reactions to the natural disaster, going from playful fire extinguisher videos to dramatic animal rescue missions.

I wanted the score to be aligned with the main idea of using social media content. Therefore, I developed a video score that uses an alternative notational system with emojis, TikTok videos, and filters as indicators of musical gestures. An audience-friendly version of the score, stripped of its instructions, can be projected on stage during the performance.

FMO_1 was premiered by Kelsey Cotton (vocals), Ryszard Alzin (piano), Giorgos Stavridis (percussion, objects), and Jana De Troyer (saxes) in the Edgar Varèse Hall in Lyon (FR) in January 2020.

Still from video score
Premiere in Lyon
Still from video score
Still from video score
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