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FMO_INTER (2020)

for quadraphonic speaker set-up, audience phones, and YouTube Live Stream - 7 minutes

FMO_INTER is an exploration of concert hall spatialization through combining "external" and "internal" playback sources, respectively represented by a standard quadraphonic concert hall set-up on the one hand and the streaming of channels through the audience's electronic devices on the other. The piece is part of a series of works exploring the usage of social media phenomena as a base for musical creation (see also FMO_1 and MIRЯOR VIEW). For this composition, I decided to work with ASMR-like sounds to further develop the ideas I had for Intimate Space Study 1a and to integrate smartphones into the concert hall. I wanted to see how it would be for the spectators to have their phones play an active part in the music and to explore the necessary parameters to do so.


Content-wise, the work focuses on the question of how to still find inner peace in a fast-paced world full of distraction. It plays with contrasts between natural and industrial sounds, placing them in opposite speaker setups and therefore creating an overarching soundscape in which both sides sonically melt together.

The work premiered in January 2020 at the Edgar Varèse Hall in Lyon (FR). It was also performed in Lauenburg in September 2022 as part of my artistic research on new intimacy (see Inneres Insektenballett).

Text projection in Dutch
I was safe again
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