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People Pleaser (2024)

community-composed piece for saxophone, video, and live electronics
duration to be determined

It is time to open my ears and listen to you, my audience. People-Pleaser will be the result of a virtual dialogue between my online following and myself. By asking targeted questions and opinions, discussing next steps and directions, I will build this piece with whomever wants to join this experiment! The main question being: What would you rather want to hear?


The composition phase will take place between March 20th, 2024 and April 20th, 2024.


Fill in the main questionnaire here
Help me find what music pleases you!
Join the project
on instagram!


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III Composition_edited.jpg


I have been reading a lot about bird migration. And of course, integrating this knowledge into a piece rises a lot of creative dilemmas that can have a big impact on how pleased the people will be.

So there is a new round of questions! You can find them here

These decisions will have a big impact on the result of the piece! I will close this round of voting on Monday evening, 15.04.



The subconscious hamsters of my creative brain section have been working hard, and I would like to sketch the first composition idea for the form of the piece!
Check it out and let me know what you think! Also open for suggestions and questions!!


Those awesome books I mentioned (in German):

- Bergmann, H.-H. & Westphal, U. - Welcher Vogel singt denn da? (2019) (Awesome edition with QR codes and sonagrams)
- Bairlein, Franz - Das große Buch vom Vogelzug (2022)

- Zetterström, D., Svensson, L., Mullarney, K. - Der Kosmos Vogelführer (2023)





You have decided... What a colorful mix of musical styles!
To please you, I will base the music on this pie chart and try to incorporate all your wishes…

Now I will start the research phase about the birds.
What resources do you know and recommend regarding our topic:   the bird migration in spring?




Screenshot 2024-04-03 at 16.14.58.png


So, votes are still coming in and some things shifted!

It is not clear now whether the piece should be for tenor or baritone sax - they both have 30% of the votes. Or will the soprano catch up and become the favorite?

The piece also got extended with 4 seconds, now being 7 mins 56 secs long

Also a first update of the results of yesterday’s vote.

Voting is still open through the polls on the website (link in bio)
I will close the votes for topic and style tomorrow evening, 01.04., but the voting for sax, length, visuals will stay open

Thank you so much for participating so far!

Pictures by Kelsey Cotton and Ina Niemerg


The results.jpg

The results of the first voting round are in!

Combining both the Instagram votes and the ones through my website, these are the results (for now…)

How long? ⏱️
7,85 minutes => ca. 7 minutes and 52 seconds

Which saxophone? 🎷

With text / lyrics 📜

With a video 🎦

There is one thing though… I will keep updating the piece depending on the votes. So if you missed the poll, you can still vote here!



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